Children’s Ministry

First Farragut is dedicated to a partnership with parents to lead their children in the exploration of Christian faith. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment where all children are introduced to God and God’s love for them, laying the foundation to help them build their own relationship with him.

Focus verse for Children's Ministry

"When you search for me, yes, search for me with all your heart, you will find me."
-Jeremiah 29:13

Here are a few ways we work together to help children explore
what Christian faith looks like to them:

Age-specific Ministries

We believe that our children are learning from the first day they enter this world. We work to begin their transformative exploration as early as their time in the nursery. To do this, we incorporate our curriculum into their time with us. From singing Bible songs, reading books, and play time with adults, these travelers learn from an early age that the church is a safe place to explore.
The 2-year-olds through Pre-K have their own age-appropriate curriculum with a welcoming staff and volunteers to help guide them. We aim to help these small followers of Christ to feel like they have a place in the church from the very beginning.

We believe that our children are exploring what it means in everyday life to be a Christian early on. We want them to feel comfortable asking questions and going deeper. To prepare them for that next step, we use age-appropriate curriculum that includes crafts, videos, music, and games to teach them to explore their way through the Bible.

In addition to our weekly meetings, our annual and special events aim to help these “voyagers” take those next crucial steps through their faith journey.

As our students prepare to head into the youth group and take on a new set of life challenges, we want to make sure they are prepared. By this point, we hope they have covered the basics and feel comfortable asking the difficult questions and answering them with confidence. We want their relationship with Christ to be their own.

Through our age-appropriate curriculum and activities, we hope our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders realize their identities in Christ as they finish their time in the Children’s program. We spend our last few years with the children really striving for something deeper and enjoying shared experiences that will carry into their next stage of life.

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